What Kind of Harness to Pick?

There are numerous great ways to give and get pleasure with a strapon. When you have the right harness and the right dildo and possibly some additional sex toys for extra fun, you can play for hours and experience sensations which you have never even dreamed of. The key to full enjoyment is to pick the right harness. Consider the available options and choose the one which will be ideal for you.

Harness Design and Size

There are two major design options D.VICE sells when it comes to strapon harnesses. You can opt for a garter style harness which can go around the thigh, chest or any other part of the body or a three-strap harness which have a waist strap and two straps that go around the legs. This allows the wearer to get more freely and also provides more stability as opposed to the garter style harness.


The Groover and Fervour harnesses both have adjustable cock rings which make them perfect for those of us who have a variety of different sized dildos. You are able to change the dildo you are using to suit your mood or position.

The garter harness is designed to be work around the thigh but can be placed around the chest, arm, or any part of the body you choose. This makes them a fantastic option for men who have a disability or for men who would like to provide double penetration to their partner without using their hands.

D.VICE harnesses come in different sizes from 8 - 28 to provide a perfect fit for almost everyone. It is essential for you to take your measurements to pick the ideal size for you. Every harness can be adjusted to fit perfectly.

Harness Materials

Leather is a popular material for strap on harnesses. It is soft yet strong so it feels comfortable while holding the dildo firmly. Leather may require more cleaning and care compared to other materials. Synthetic leather such as Vinyl is considered a very good alternative thanks to its softness and durability.

The neoprene harnesses have gained huge popularity because of their softness, breathability and easy cleaning and maintenance. The wetsuit material is typically quite strong so, you can be certain that it will hold the dildo firmly and allow you to penetrate your partner pleasurably.

Get a strapon harness which is comfy and which fits both you and your lifestyle. You will love playing with it and will never want to take it off!


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