Will vibrators help me orgasm?

All women are able to experience orgasm, however for many women this is not as easy as we are lead to believe. It is not common knowledge that the majority of women actually require direct simulation of the clitoris in order to orgasm.

For many couples this requires a change in focus and technique within their love making together.

Western culture does not tend to encourage women to be self responsible for our own sexual pleasure. Many women do not feel confident or spend the time to get to know their own body intimately. It is common for women to often feel pressure to be able to orgasm with ease. Many women feel concerned about the time or focus required for them to be able to orgasm.

Stress and feeling pressured does affect a woman’s ability to orgasm. Also some women just require a little extra in regards to physical stimulation.

However you orgasm is right and normal for you, and if you are not yet able to orgasm, try to not put pressure on yourself, but take the time to enjoy the journey to discovering orgasmic pleasure.

Enhancing Stimulation with Vibrators

Vibrators can be a fantastic addition to your sex play and orgasmic experience. Some women just need the enhanced stimulation of the clitoral nerve endings (all 8000 of them), in order to orgasm.

So if this is the case for you, embrace the world of vibrators and have fun experimenting with the different sensations and orgasmic pleasure that different vibrators can offer.

If you are find having an orgasm a challenge or are pre-orgasmic (yet to have an orgasm), a vibrator is a great option to try. Sometimes having that extra bit of physical stimulation can help overcome anxiety about achieving orgasm.

Experimenting with Vibrators

Often it is easier to experiment during solo play when you can feel uninhibited and find it easier to relax. Feel positive and empowered about your sexual desires and needs, and think creatively about incorporating vibration into your lovemaking with your partner.

Using Purr gel also enhances orgasmic response so is a great addition to your orgasm journey.

The Lelo Siri, Fun Factory Yooo and We-vibe Salsa are all excellent vibrators designed for clitoral pleasure. To enhance orgasmic sensation for couple play check out the We-Vibe2, Lelo Tor vibrating ring or the remote control Lelo Tiana.

Enjoy the sexual pleasure that vibrators have to offer and remember that your own sexual response is perfect and right for you.

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