Astroglide Liquid Water-Based Lube

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Astroglide Liquid is a quality water-based lube that flows easily and is silky smooth

This lube is long lasting and non sticky and as a good lube should be, is discreet and does it's job which is to provide lubrication during sex.

Astroglide Liquid is compatible with latex and non latex condoms, and silicone sex toys and is suitable for vaginal and anal sex

Do you have sensitive skin and find you react to lube but like the AStoglide feel? Try Astroglide Ultra Gentle Gel

Why use lube? For more comfortable, pleasurable and sensational sex, lube is a must regardless of your age and life stage. Lube can take the pressure off if your body hasn't quite caught up with your desire levels.
Medication, menopause, pregnancy, mismatch of arousal  levels with your partner and stress can all affect your natural lubrication, using lube allows you to get on and enjoy the physical sensations of sex.

Lube is essential to use with condoms to reduce the risk of condoms breaking.

Choose from the 73ml or 148ml size

Contains glycerine 

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