Blewit! Masturbator for Men


Blewit! is all about men's pleasure and performance. It is mind-blowingly better than a hand job and mind-blowingly easy to use.

Not all performance training happens in the gym, and with the Blewit! masturbator for men, you can lube it/use it/rinse it/store it and go a hard and fast or soft and slow as you like it.

Masturbators are a great way to develop stamina and climax control in preparation for sex with a partner, or they can be just about you and solo pleasures.

Blewit! features;

  • one handed flip-top operation enables/releases suction
  • cap creates an air-tight seal for maximum suction
  • vented top allows for air drying and easy cleaning
  • tapered design fits large and small hands
  • twisted octagon shape creates an ergonomic fit for both left and right handed users
  • non-slip, matte finish
  • discreet housing design
  • multi-textured inner sleeve is skin-soft
  • interchangeable rings adjust entry point
  • integrated powdering cup for easy care of the inner sleeve
  • vented dock allows for air drying while stored


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