Deluxe D.VICE Leather Bondage Wrist Restraints


  • Restrain your beloved with these high-quality leather cuffs. They are soft, comfortable, sensuous and sexy, whilst being strong and durable.
  • Made by D.VICE from clothing grade New Zealand free range leather, these restraints are designed to last and are comfortable and sensual on the first wear.
  • D.VICE Deluxe Restraints are fully adjustable with a velcro and buckle design (doubly hard to slip out of!) and feature double edged stitching for no rub factor. 
  • Available in all black or black/red you can match your wrist restraints to D.VICE leather ankle restraints.
  • Combine with our handy Cuff Extenders to make restraining quicker, with no knots or keys to padlock or upgrade your Bed Bondage Kit to make it even sexier!

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