Expert Guide to Anal Sex Trifecta DVD Set

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Usually $179.99 triple DVD deal just $119.99 (Save $59.98)
Please note this is NOT pornography these are sexually explicit, visually stimulating 'sex how to' - instructional DVD's.

Combining all the best of Anal Sex this threesome of DVD's includes the Expert Guide to Strap-On Anal sex for heterosexual couples as well as the Expert Guide to Anal Sex and Advanced Anal Sex.

  • In the Expert Guide to Pegging, where women use strap-on dildos to anally pleasure their male partners, 3 sexy couples demonstrate the how too's and their tips and preferences in explicit strap-on scenes.
  • Ideal for anal beginners an aficianados alike, you can explore your strap-on expert-tease.
  • Sex instructor Tristan Taormino guides you step by step through anal & prostate anatomy, quality strap-on harnesses and silicone dildos, sex positions for sensational anal penetration and techniques for simultaneous penetration for her and him.

  • In The Expert Guide to Anal Sex DVD, sex instructor Tristan Taormino leads a group of couples in an anal sex class covering anatomy and techniques tricks and tips to greater anal pleasure.
  • Couples share their fantasies and demonstrate their most enjoyable anal sex positions. This is real people having real, hot anal sex and is a great introduction to having pleasurable anal sex. Includes a same sex female anal sex scene.

  • The Expert Guide to Advanced Anal Sex DVD, if you are ready to take your anal adventures to the next level then watch and learn as Tristan Taormino and her eager and willing anal loving couples demonstrate and share their techniques and tips on more advanced pleasurable anal sex.
  • Covering topics such as advanced anal sex positions for anal penetration with the penis, g-spot for her and p-spot (prostate) for him, orgasms via anal penetration, butt plug bondage and an intro to anal strap-on sex. 

All these anally focused  instructional DVD's are great to watch with a partner, make sure have plenty of lube, dams – for analingus – (oral anal play) and butt plugs, strap-on's and anal toys on hand as these DVD's can be a great catalyst for your own anal explorations.

For more anal sex information you can listen to D.VICE Advice Podcasts, read the sex blog and ask a question of the D.VICE Sexpert.

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