Strapless Slim Double Dildo

We recommend this lube with this toy.

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  • The Strapless Slim is a silicone "strapless" double ended vibrating dildo contoured to fit the natural body shape and is an upgrade in sensation to the popular Feeldoe Slim.
    Size and shape are unchanged, the silicone has gone from the shiny rather hard Feeldoe silicone to the softer more real feel of the Strapless range whilst maintaining the durable, super hygienic silicone properties we have come to expect from Tantus. 
  • The Strapless Slim Double dildo can be used for vaginal and anal penetration.
  • For a woman the bulb end of the dildo is inserted and held inside the vagina by contracting the vaginal muscles, it is a real work out for your pelvic floors and many women combine with a D.VICE strap-on to increase control when thrusting
  •  The ridges on the inside curve of the shaft stimulates the clitoris as the shaft penetrates your partner
  • The Strapless Slim comes with a tiny removable vibrator which fits snugly into the base of the dildo,it is not very strong and we recommend super charging your Double Dildo with your preferred slim bullet for more vibration
  • Customer and staff feedback tells us that the Strapless Slim can add a fun challenge to your traditional strap on play, and for most users, combining Strapless Slim with a good quality harness such as Groover or Hipster will allow you to relax more with this toy
  • Good pelvic floor tone will help you to hold it inside the body and control your thrusting at the same time = get a pelvic floor workout whilst having sex - bonus!!   

  • Dimensions: Receptive bulb: 35mm widest point  Active shaft: 32mm girth, 140mm insertable length.  Fantastic for vaginal or anal sex, with a slim line shape particularly well suited for beginners anal play.
  • Materials; 100% medical grade silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Dimensions; Receptive bulb: 35mm widest point  Active shaft: 32mm girth, 140mm insertable length. 
  • Always use a water-based lube never a 100% silicone lube.
  • Regular use of SmartBalls are excellent for helping women build up pelvic floor strength which allows you to get more enjoyment from your Feeldoe (and your orgasms!)
  • Try lying on your back, inserting and rocking the dildo up into your partner by pushing from the base.
  • To find out more about pleasurable strap-on sex, checkout the Expert Guide to Pegging DVD and the Ultimate Guide to Strap-On Sex.


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