Fetish Fantasy Spinning Sex Swing


  • Enjoy all of the positions that you've ever wanted to try with this strong and sexy sling
  • Easy to use and incredibly adaptable - you're limited only by your imagination!
  • The spinning sex swing is great for masturbation, voyeur sex and for your advanced Kama Sutra positions...
  • Comes with hardware to attach to a beam, the straps are adjustable and the stirrups are padded and comfortable
  • Suggested weight limit not to exceed 158kgs or 350 lbs. Install and use at your own risk.
  • See instructions below in Tips for Use, on how and where to install your sex swing. Instructions also included when you purchase the sex swing.

Installing your sex swing

The eyelet bolt of the Fantasy Swing® can be installed in two places: into the underside wooden frame of a doorway, or into a beam in the ceiling. Installing the eyelet bolt into a door frame is easiest, but the doorway limits your range of motion. Installing the eyelet bolt into a strong ceiling beam is the preferred method of use. Please follow both sets of instructions carefully to ensure a safe and enjoyable Fantasy Swing® experience.

Locate a beam in your ceiling using a stud finder, available from any hardware store. Make sure you have enough clearance from any surrounding walls or furniture. Find the center of the beam and mark a spot. The eyelet bolt is very sharp and can be screwed in by tapping the head of the bolt with a hammer and twisting the screw until all of the threads are concealed. Use the hammer claw to help turn the eyelet screw into the wood. To facilitate insertion, drill a 5/16 pilot hole first, then screw the eyelet bolt in. All of the threads should be concealed.

If the weight on the swing is less than 90 kilos or 200 lbs, use the Torsion Spring provided. If the weight on the swing is over 200 lbs., assemble the swing hardware without the use of a spring. During two-person usage, make sure to account for the position of both partners when determining the weight (one partner may be on the floor, not actually hanging from the spring).

Suggested weight limit not to exceed 158kgs or 350 lbs. Install and use at your own risk.


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