Glass Anal Butt Plug

We recommend this lube with this toy.


  • Warm or cool you can experience the sensation delights of this glass anal butt plug
  • The bulbous head provides stimulation as it slides in and comfortable relief with the narrow neck
  • The loop is handy for moving this cheeky butt plug in and out or twisting around for exquisite sensation, the angle of the curve can be used to massage the prostate 
  • This glass sex toy is unisex and can be great fun for beginners, experienced plays, women, men and trans people
  • Some women enjoy having a butt plug in the anus during vaginal penetration, with the curve of the butt plug facing up if she is on her back, this is entirely possible
  • Heat gently with warm water (do not microwave as the heat cannot be controlled) or pop in icy cold water to change the sensation
  • Always use plenty of lube with this glass toy and simply wash in hot soap and water
  • Hygienic, the glass butt plug is ideal for those with sensitive skin

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