Jock Armour Jock Strap


  • The Jock Armour Jock Strap features a contoured body fit cock ring that fits your anatomy like a second skin. 
  • It pushes your gear out for a bigger and thicker looking package. The heart of this new jock is the cock ring which is an integrated part of the jockstrap.
  • Jock Armour delivers with all day comfort and features a perineum bulb at the base for that extra jolt of pleasure
  • Jock Armour is made by quality sex gear manufacturer Perfect Fit. The pouch is made of spandex/nylon fabric and is held in place by 3 snaps, so you can remove it quickly and get ready for some action.
  • Jock Armour is made of a blend of Silicone and TPR developed to provide superior stretch, comfort and durability. The opening is 38mm and is safe with water based lubes.

Product Care: Machine was cold with like colors. Mild detergent. Low heat tumble dry.

Small is for waist sizes 28-30 inches. Medium is for waist sizes 31-33 inches. Large is for waist sizes 34-36 inches. X-Large is for waist sizes 93-99cm or 37-39  inches. 

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