Naughty Boy Silicone Prostate Massager

We recommend this lube with this toy.


  • Naughty Boy is designed for male pleasure, to stimulate the male g-spot or prostate and perineum. Stimulation of these two command centers for pleasure, can result in rock hard erections and mind blowing orgasms
  • This skin friendly, vibrating anal toy can be worn during sex for more powerful orgasms and sensational for solo play
  • Naughty Boy has a slender contoured shape and is suitable for beginner's. 
  • We recommend using a silicone compatible lubricant with your Naughty Boy
  • Use an anal muscle relaxant for more comfortable and pleasurable anal play


  • To find out more about anal pleasures for women and men and prostate or male G-Spot stimulation, check out D.VICE Blog or "How To" Anal sex DVD's and books.


  • Always use a quality silicone compatible lubricant with this toy. 

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