Nexus Ultra Si Prostate Massager

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Nexus Ultra Si combines the best of the early Nexus prostate massagers offering men a mind blowing orgasm and the health benefits of regular prostate massage

Nexus Ultra Si is made from smooth polypropylene and silicone and has been designed for maximum male pleasure. Massaging both the prostate gland through the anal wall and the perineum - the main male pleasure points.

Nexus Si can be used for self pleasure and exploration and/or combined with oral or penetrative sex with a partner.

This tried and true style of prostate massager can be rocked between the prostate and perineum (also know as gooch and bridge amongst many other names)-where a rotating ball adds a 'licking' sensation to the perineum stimulation.

You can rock the Nexus by manually levering using the handle or ultimately using your pelvic floor muscles (yes men have them too) to rock the toy back and forth-particularly useful during penetrative sex such as intercourse.

We recommend using a quality lube with your toy for greater comfort and pleasure

Health Benefits of Prostate Massage for Men?

Yes sex toys such as Nexus Si have positive health outcomes for men. Prostate Massage was practised in ancient Japanese culture to maintain good prostate health. Regular 'milking' of the prostate can reduce inflammation of the prostate, one of  the precursors to prostate cancer.

Additionally, improving pelvic floor tone - through the use of these muscles to rock the prostate massager back and forth improves blood flow and muscle strength over time helping to achieve and maintain erections for men.

Men who have achieved orgasm through prostate an perineum massage describe the feeling as if having the back of their head blown of the sensation is so powerful. 

To understand more about prostate massage, we encourage you to read more on the D.VICE Sex Blog 

  • Made from polypropylene and silicone and is safe and hygienic for anal play
  • Simply wash in hot soapy water and rinse, then dry and store
  • This long lasting and durable material can be used with water-based and silicone based lube 
  • The perineum ball can be popped out and washed before popping back into place.
  • Shaft length: 13.5 cm or 5.31 inches. Shaft circumference: 9.2 cm or 3.62 inches

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