PDX ELITE Anal Masturbator Kit

We recommend this lube with this toy.


    • Masturbators are great for building up sexual stamina and learning to control your ejaculations as well as experiment with depth, angle and speed for penetrative play and can improve sex with your partner. Great for practising beginner steps with fingers for anal penetration
    • Experience the real feel of the PDX anal masturbator
    • Slip your cock in to the snug and stimulating 'anus'
    • Soft, hard, short and shallow or deep and hard...you get to choose
    • The hard case gives you added grip - good for two handed thrusting and is excellent for travel and discreet stowage
    • You can adjust the suction of the masturbator by covering or releasing the air hole at the end of the masturbation case
    • Use only a water-based lube with this real feel masturbator
    • This PDX Anal Masturbator comes with a kit including cock rings for climax control, a lube sample, cleaner and powder for maintaining the soft real feel (when that runs out use cornflour)
    • The sleeve can be easily removed for washing with warm water and a mild soap, dry before applying powder


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