Penis Pleasure Pump with soft jelly sleeve

We recommend this lube with this toy.


  • Penis Pumps improve blood flow to the penis and over time do increase penis size provided you use it regularly
  • Pumps are often helpful for men with ED issues caused by health, stress, alcohol or any other reason. Combined with other effective products such as cock rings, men can enjoy satisfying sex
  • Regular use of your  penis pump can lead to firmer erections and more sensation
  • We do not recommend using a penis pump before having sex
  • Always use lubricant with your pump for greater comfort and pleasure
  • A comprehensive how to guide will be sent out with your Penis Pump
  • The Penis Pleasure pump features a soft jelly sleeve inside the entire pump chamber


  • Take some time to use your penis pump alone
  • Do not ejaculate for several hours before using the pump and urinate before starting
  • The pump will work better if you are warm, ie after a shower or sauna
  • Massage the penis before pumping and apply plenty of lubricant
  • Create a seal at the base of the penis and start pumping gently
  • Increase pumping pressure and amount of time gradually
  • Pumping should never be painful or uncomfortable. Stop immediately if it is.
  • Unless you are very experienced with pumps, it is not recommended to have sex within a few hours of using the pump as your penis will be too sensitive
  • Follow the instructions provided or learn more about penis pump use

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