Penis Pump for men (pliable PVC)

We recommend this lube with this toy.


  • A Penis Pump improves blood flow to the penis leading to firmer erections, and during the time you use it, an increase in penis size
  • Penis Pumps are an effective for men who have ED or erectile issues due to medication, circulation and heart issues or who have had prostate surgery
  • Combined with a cock ring, a penis pump can ensure you have firm erections for lovemaking and your recovery time is quicker
  • We recommend regular pumping for best effect and all penis pumps come with an information leaflet we have put together with a pumping programme
  • Always use a lubricant with your pump for comfort and follow the instructions carefully
  • This clear penis pump has a good width with a slightly flexible material enabling you to get a firmer seal at the base of the penis


  • To find out more about penis pumps and if they are right for you, check out the D.VICE Blog


  • Take some time to use your penis pump alone
  • Do not ejaculate for several hours before using the pump and urinate before starting
  • The pump will work better if you are warm, ie after a shower or sauna
  • Massage the penis before pumping and apply plenty of lubricant
  • Create a seal at the base of the penis and start pumping gently
  • Increase pumping pressure and amount of time gradually
  • Pumping should never be painful or uncomfortable. Stop immediately if it is
  • Unless you are very experienced with pumps, it is not recommended to have sex within a few hours of using the pump as your penis will be too sensitive
  • Follow the instructions provided or learn more about penis pump use

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