Pump Worx Auto Vac Penis Pump

We recommend this lube with this toy.


  • Get started on your penis pump regime with the beginners auto vac system
  • Penis pumps are an effective way to increase penis width and length, to increase firmness of erections and improve stamina and recovery times.
  • By following the recommended instructions which include regular use you can achieve improvements over time
  • The auto vac has the option of the motorised power pump to create the vacuum or the medical style pump ball
  • D.VICE provides a step by step guide on how to use your penis pump to ensure you get maximum benefit and sensation, safely
  • We recommend always using lubricant with your penis pump
  • Find out more about how too use a penis pump

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your penis pump.

  • Ensure you are fully erect before placing the penis inside the cylinder
  • Fully lubricate the penis to ensure it moves around comfortably inside
  • Create a seal at the base of the penis.Gradually pump and gently increase the pressure, don't go hard out to start
  • There should be no pain, swelling or discomfort. If there is, stop pumping immediately and release the valve. Do not use the pump for at least 48 hours
  • Initially pump for a short time only 5-10 minutes and build up the amount of time you use the pump
  • Once you have some experience, massage and re-lubricate the penis every 15 minutes.Wash the penis and urinate after each pumping session
  • Read More about how to use your penis pump

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