Purr Clitoral Arousal Gel 2 pack


  • Get double the pleasure with the Purr Clitoral Arousal 2 pack and save!
  • PURR Clitoral Arousal Gel is proven to promote clitoral responsiveness
  • Results in longer, more powerful and intense orgasms with most women.
  • This vasodilater draws the blood to the clitoris, speeding up the arousal of women
  • Many women find it easier to orgasm with Purr Gel
  • Good for a libido lift, many women pop it on for a nice buzz!
  • For many women the effects are best felt after 4-5 times of using Purr. Don't be disappointed if it doesn't appear work first time, as it definitely gets better. with use. See the tips for use tab.
  • D.VICE has been selling and using Purr Gel for over 10 yeas and we love it!

Read the many reviews below about Purr clitoral arousal gel to see how other women have responded to it.

  • Apply a small bead of the gel to the underside of the clitoris and massage gently 2-3 minutes before sex
  • You will only need one application per sexual encounter
  • For most women, after 6-8 uses you get a stronger result
  • Continued use of PURR will increase the effectiveness for most women
  • Both men and women can put Purr gel on the nipples and around the anus
  • 1 in 10 women may experience mild to nil results
  • Non-menthol - approx 30 applications per 10ml tube

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