Ride Em Cowgirl Sex Positions for Better Bucking

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  • How much better can sex feel?
  • Once you start enjoying Ride Em Cowgirl! The sensual moves and wild orgasmic finishes you experience will skyrocket your passions farther than you ever imagined.
  • Dr. Sadie has created the ultimate sex position guide that actually gives you less! Instead of page after page of impossible poses, she illustrates over 100 ways to tweak the positions you already love to heighten your lovemaking passions. Comfortably!
  • Her secret? Dr. Sadie tailors each position to YOUR body shape together with your lover's body shape, as well as your unique penis-vagina fit. It's amazing no one ever thought of teaching this customized approach to raising the pleasure and satisfaction of sexual intercourse before.
  • That's what makes Ride Em Cowgirl! the passion-igniter you've been seeking, whether you're just getting started-or you're long-time lovers eager to take the monotony out of monogamy!
  • Here Dr Sadie shows you how to release your inner lust, with over 100 exciting sex positions to spice up your lovemaking.
  • There are clear illustrations and clear written instructions on positions including missionary, doggy style, G-Spot, clitoral play, prostate, oral sex and much much more.
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