Smart Balls Beginners Pelvic Floor Pack Black


  • SmartBalls are a smart option for women who want or need to improve their pelvic floor strength
  • Strong pelvic floor muscles lead to stronger orgasms, improved squeeze on your partner during sex and the correction and prevention of bladder weakness in women.
  • SmartBalls Uno are an easy and effective starting point for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. simply insert vaginally and wear as you go about your daily business. The weight and movement of SmartBallUno on your pelvic floor muscles, stimulates them to contract.
  • We recommend wearing your SmartBall for a minimum of 6-8 weeks daily for best effect. After 2--3 weeks of daily use you will notice an improvement.
  • The SmartBalls Beginner's pack included a SmartBall Uno, hypo-allergenic lubricant, storage bag and instructions for use.
  • For step by step instructions head to the D.VICE magazine/blog

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