Smart Balls Duo For Toning Pelvic Floor Muscles

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  • Smart Balls Duo For Toning Pelvic Floor Muscles
  • You may have heard about the pelvic floor balls from Fifty Shades of Grey, Smart Balls are the quality version and are the safe alternative to the 'silver duo balls' and are made safe from medical grade silicone.
  • Smart Balls are designed to tone and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles leading to stronger orgasms, improve squeeze on your partner and correct and prevent bladder weakness issues.
  • Do you wet your pants when you sneeze? Can you no longer jump on a trampoline? Do you feel like you don't have good bladder control? Then we recommend you choose and use Smart Balls.
  • Easy to use and keep clean, Smart Balls are an essential health product for women.
  • Good pelvic floor muscles mean stronger orgasms, easier recovery from childbirth, and an improved squeeze on your partner's fingers, dildo or penis.
  • Smart Balls Duo are the next step on from the Smart Balls Uno and are suited to those who have already used the Smart Balls Uno and have good pelvic floor tone and wish to improve upon it.
  • Weighing 75gms for the set (2 attached balls), we recommend wearing your balls around the house while you build up your muscle strength or try using the Smart Balls Uno (a single ball) to start and then move on to the Duo Smart Balls when you are happy with your PC muscle control.
  • We recommend using a quality hypoallergenic lubricant for comfortable insertion and wearing of your Smart Balls
  • FIND OUT MORE about which Smart Balls are right for you, how to use them and the benefits of good P.C.muscles.

  • Apply a little water-based lubricant prior to inserting your Smart Ball Duo
  • Wear around home initially so you get used to the sensation and are comfortable
  • Aim to wear your Smart Ball Duo all day for a minimum period of 8 weeks to provide a focused inner workout
  • Once you have regained pelvic floor strength wear a few days per fortnight for maintenance
  • The stronger your pelvic floor muscles the stronger your orgasmic response!

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