Smoooch Sensual Edible Massage Oil


  • Smooch is NOT a certified organic product
  • Smooch edible massage oil is a natural coconut based massage oil made in NZ from ingredients sourced in NZ and the South Pacific.
  • It is contains NO parabens, sulfates or petrochemicals
  • Safe to use for massage and as a natural lubricant, simply scoop a little out, place on your lovers skin and gently massage - safe to use on the genital and internally, and you can lick and suck your lover and enjoy the delicious Vanilla and Coconut flavours
  • Smoooch has antifungal and antibacterial properties and will leave your skin smelling and feeling smooth.
  • When cold your Smoooch Edible Massage Oil may form a solid -simply remove from the jar with a spoon, when warm the massage oil will be liquid, pour or spoon out carefully. It is perfectly natural and fine for it to be in either liquid or solid state.
  • Available in a 145gm glass jar and has NOT been tested on animals

    Please note : Smooch can be used as a natural oil based lubricant but is NOT compatible with latex condoms

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