The Sex Game


  • We would have called it the “Love Making Game” but let’s face it. The Sex Game is all about sex

  • Making love & exchanging romantic ideas. Created for you and your lover as a means to encourage playfulness, stimulate secret sexual delights, while also bringing new & exciting elements into your love life…

     The Sex Game Kit Includes:

  • A fold out game board
  • A 6-side playing die
  • instruction booklet

Plus bonus 

  • Flavoured Lube
  • Two special mints

 Okay okay… it’s really about getting LUCKY, but don’t get too cocky! The Sex Game is a bit of a gamble. After all, you could end up rolling “SOLO in the GARAGE!” Think you can handle the odds? Take a chance and see what you can roll up between you and your partner!”

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