Tickle My Tush. Anal Pleasuring

$15.99 $29.99

  • Stay mild or go wild with this fun and accessible guide to anal play
  • Become more confident and learn great tips and tricks to make anal sex more stimulating for yourself and/or a partner
  • Try all the touches and teases to bring you to anal orgasm and learn how to use fingers, tongue, butt plugs and vibrators, strap-ons and more
  • Find out about the prostate and anally stimulating sex positions, with over 50 illustrations to guide you
  • Learn safe, consensual and hygienic techniques for mind-blowing anal pleasure
  • For more 'how to' information on anal sex for both women and men, check out the DVD Expert Guides to Anal Sex and Advanced Anal Sex. These are live demonstation of couples having anal sex with a sex instructor guiding them.

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