Ultimate Douche interchangeable


  • The Ultimate Anal Douche is a simple douche system with two interchangeable nozzles of differing diameters.
  • This unisex douche can be filled with warm water or a very mild white vinegar and water solution and gently squeezed to wash the anal canal prior to anal penetration.
  • While douching is not essential, many women an men feel more confident engaging in anal play after douching.
  • Over frequent douching can remove good bacteria from the anal canal and is not recommended.
  • Lubricant the nozzle with a water-based lube prior to inserting and wash the nozzle and douche thoroughly before drying and storing.
  • To find out more about douching and pleasurable anal sex check out the D.VICE Blog, tune in to podcasts on anal sex or watch an Expert Guide to Anal Sex DVDs.

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