Feeldoe & share dildos

Feeldoe, Strapless & Realdoe Dildos

These double dildos offer a stimulating and satisfying range of positions and sensations during penetrative play.

Both you and your lover can move together and feel more connected during lovemaking. Though designed as a strapless strap-on’s, Feeldoes can be quite challenging to hold in place and these double dildos are most easily used when worn in a strap-on harness. 

Smooth silicone dildos

Smooth Silicone Dildos

Popular silicone dildos for both vaginal and anal penetration, smooth dildos can be hand held or strapped into a harness.

Super hygienic and easy to clean these 100% silicone dildos are are long lasting and stimulating.

Realistic silicone dildos

Realistic Silicone Dildos

The ridges and texture of these gorgeous silicone dildos are stimulating and satisfying, perfect for those looking for a more "real feel" look and shape.

These silicone dildos can be hand held or strapped into a harness.

G-spot devices

G-spot Devices

Designed for more easily massaging and stimulating the G-Spot for women or the P-Spot (prostate) for men

Choose from strap-on and hand manoeuvred G-Spot tools for mind blowing G and P-Spot action

Glass dildos

Glass Dildos

Glass dildos & sex toys are hugely popular, safe and amazingly stimulating.

Super hygienic, shatterproof and elegant, glass dildos require a more gentle approach and make up for this with exquisite sensation. some of these unisex toys can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration. Try heating with warm water or cooling in the champagne bucket!



This collection is a quick reference guide of sex gear for members of the lesbian, gay, transgender, intersex and queer communities. Of course just about all sex toys can be used by any gender, however, these are some of the most popular for LGBTQI people.

Most Popular LGBTQI Sex Toys


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