Toy Tester competition

Become a D.VICE Toy Tester

We are currently seeking applications to be the official D.VICE Toy Tester for this funky little hand-mixer; the We-Vibe Thrill. 

Primarily designed for women, there's some innie / outie action stations that buzz, wave and cha-cha on your ya-ya,  but we know what the Thrill can do for men—it's sensational as an anal vibrator too (let's face it, there's little chance of it getting lost).

As always, lube's a must with this gadget and it's 8 pulsating and vibrating pleasure modes. Red like an over-ripe racing car, it's powerful, quiet and totally waterproof. 

So get typing and tell me why you can't live without it, (only once per competition please) and if chosen you will receive your assignment by unmarked courier and once you've played and reviewed—the toy is yours to keep. 

The competition closes Monday 31st August 2015, and the successful applicants will be notified by email soon after. Good luck!




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