Adult Toys and Anal Pleasure - What Beginners Should Know

Playing with adult toys is all about experimentation and discovering new sexual pleasures which may have been hidden from you before. You can readily enjoy amazing anal stimulation with sex toys specifically designed for this purpose. Many styles can be used by both women and men, some can be used for both solo play and partner play. The opportunities for pleasure are endless.

Adult Toys for Total Anal Pleasure

Silicone butt plugs are the most basic adult toys for anal stimulation. They are gently inserted into the anus and many styles are designed to stay there during sex play. D.VICE silicone butt plugs do an excellent job in keeping the muscles relaxed and in stimulating the numerous nerve endings of the anus and rectum. During masturbation and intercourse they may stimulate the vaginal wall in women and the prostate gland in men for maximum pleasure and massive orgasms.

Men can use especially designed prostate massagers. Just like butt plugs, these sex toys are inserted into the rectum, and are shaped to massage the prostate gland. They will open the door to new and more sensational orgasms for men. At D.VICE we sell the Nexus range of prostate massagers as they are a quality brand.

Vibrating anal toys can be very stimulating for both men and women. They are especially designed for butt fun so you can play with them safely. Vibration can add an extra dimension to your anal pleasure and can also be used without vibration.

Anal beads and the silicone dildos designed for vaginal or anal penetration are other great adult toys which can be used for experimenting with anal sex. They can be used for partner play to pleasure both partners. Silicone sex toys are ideal for anal play as they can be easily washed and/or sterilised and are flexible and comfortable to use. Many couples us silicone dildos in a strap-on harness for hands free bend over boyfriend or girlfriend! They will certainly spice up your sex life.

Adult Toys: Introducing Anal Fun

Anal pleasure is new territory for many people so it is natural to be both excited and nervous about it. As a start, it is a good idea to pick smaller and slimmer anal toys with a more basic shape. These will make penetration of the anus easier and more comfortable.

It is essential to use lubricant during anal play. You should use good amounts of it so that you can insert the toy that you are using smoothly and pleasurably. Just remember that it is generally not recommended to use silicone-based lubricants with silicone toys. Water-based or silicone compatible lubricants such as LubeXXX are a better choice. You may want to use a natural muscle relaxant if you are finding it difficult to relax your anus.

Take things slowly with anal toys. Good communication and a high state of arousal will make anal sex more pleasurable. It is essential that both you and your partner are very gentle.

Explore the world of adult toys for anal pleasure fully with the amazing opportunities available. At D.VICE we are committed to providing you with good information on how to experience pleasurable anal sex, safely and you can find out more from the D.VICE magazine.


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