Adult Toys Reluctance

Many people feel reluctant or unsure about using adult toys into their love making. If this is the reality for you, or your partner is resistant to your suggestion about trying adult toys, read on for some tips to enable you to understand your partner’s response.

This reluctance is often based around the concept that using adult toys indicates there is something missing from, or wrong with your sex life. This is not true at all and seems to spring from the time when adult toys were referred to as ‘marital aids’.

Adult Toys in the 21st Century

In the 21st century is it widely accepted that adult toys are an option for couples to enhance their sex lives. Lots of us are doing it and loving it! However it is important to note that the foray into sex toys does not mean that you cannot continue to have sex without toys.

It just offers you more options for pleasure and you can choose what you are in the mood for at any given time.

For many of us it’s human nature to feel a sense of inadequacy or fear when your partner suggests something new. Our sexual egos are often fragile and let’s face it; we often have the need to be ‘everything’ our partner desires. If you don’t have a good level of communication around sex within your relationship, or you are not really sure if your partner enjoys your skills as a lover then the suggestion to add toys into the mix can fuel your insecurities. We are not all confident sexual beings and maintaining a healthy and ongoing sexual relationship with a partner is sometimes challenging.

However rest assured that we all have times of feeling inadequate, and the fact that your partner wants to have some enhanced sexual pleasure with YOU is a compliment, and an affirmation of your relationship.

Intimacy Exploration with Adult Toys

Adding adult toys to couple sex play is about exploring intimacy and fun together. In order to do this is takes courage, trust and the ability to let go of expectations. Don’t be too concerned about the end result, just enjoy the opportunities for sexual exploration and pleasure that adult toys offer you as a couple.

There is no denying that great communication and being open to try new things together is the key to a fantastic sex life. Whilst your partner may not always agree with you, being able to talk things through with love and respect will enhance your sense of trust and intimacy.

Adult toys in themselves encourage communication about sex, and of course offer many exciting options for enhanced sensation and pleasure.


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