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Vibrators Information

Vibrators can bring both women and men orgasmic pleasures. Vibrators can be played with alone or with a partner and can stimulate the clitoris, g-spot, shaft of the penis, nipples, balls, internally or everything! Many women need intense clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm and vibrators can provide a unique range of intensity and sensation just right for the job! Many styles of vibrators are designed to be worn during love making with a partner and provide pleasurable stimulation for you both.

Often men are not aware that many vibrators are unisex and vibrators can introduce a whole new range of pleasurable experiences for both partners to well as for alone time.

D.VICE offers some of the premium international brands of vibrators such as Fun Factory, We-Vibe and LELO as well as popular styles such as remote controlled vibrators, the 'Rabbit,' vibrating cock rings and even the vibrating lipstick!

To help you choose the right vibrator for you, you can read reviews and product descriptions. Battery operated or rechargeable, silent or splashproof, here you will find a vibrator to delight and suit your desires.

The Rabbit Vibrator

The ‘Rabbit’ Vibrator is possibly the most famous or infamous style of vibrator in the western world and came to be a household name after it featured in the Sex and the City TV series.

The Rabbit Vibrator brought pleasure and orgasms to women who had never had a vibrator previously and is still a popular favourite.

There are many different brands, sizes, shapes and colours to the Rabbit, what they all have in common is a rotating shaft for stimulating inside the vaginal opening and clit tickling ‘rabbit’ ears –hence the name.

The original Rabbit vibrator was were made in Japan and one of the most popular styles `5 years ago was the Pearl Bird, referring to both the shape and the faux pearls that rotated in the shaft.

Rabbit Vibrator – Multi Function

The tickler is often the favourite part for women many women find it easier to orgasm with clitoral stimulation. The rotating shaft is the icing on the cake with the rotating shaft stimulating mainly around the vaginal opening where women have the most nerve endings and receive most pleasure.

Rabbit Vibrators have been designed for women to use on their own AND are a popular favourite with couples where your partner decides on the intensity and speed of the vibrations and rotations- provided you can hand over control.

Fortunately Rabbit style vibrators have also improved over time in quality, materials and noise factor. D.VICE has sold many brands over the years and we currently sell Rabbit Vibrators made from skin friendly silicone, with low noise motors and that are splash proof and easy to clean.

We recommend using a quality water-based lubricant with your Rabbit Vibrator for greater pleasure and comfort.


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