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Recently there  has been a trend towards the somewhat old style super powerful vibrators – the ones we affectionately refer to as the ‘orbital sander for the clitoris’ style of vibrator. Modelled on the internationally famous back massager, the Hitachi Wand.

The newest sex toys of this style currently on the market are the Body Wand, the Palm Power and the Smart Wand by LELO.

In common all these vibrators are extremely powerful, designed for clitoral and external stimulation and of a larger format size than many recent vibrator releases. These newest sex toys are not for the faint hearted and are generally used by women who find it difficult to orgasm from any other toy. The all make excellent massagers and are often more reasonably priced than an equivalent therapeutic massager.

The BodyWand is a large AC powered vibrator (plugs into the mains and has a power cord) that has featured recently on a lot of pornography and is therefore much in demand. It is large and has a multispeed vibrator that goes from strong to intense! Currently there are no additional attachments available so the smooth round head is the only stimulating surface. The BodyWand has a 12 month warranty.

The Palm Power is a more compact AC powered vibrator and is extremely powerful offering a similar intensity to the BodyWand, with multi-speed vibration. The smaller format makes it easier to store and take travelling and it comes with a set of international plug attachments to ensure you can use it anywhere in the world! Very thoughtful.

The Palm Power has the option of 100% silicone attachments for internal and external stimulation both for sex and relaxation, that can be easily fitted and removed. The Palm Power has a 12 month warranty.

The LELO Smart Wand is a wireless large format wand and offer a range of vibrating and pulsating stimulating pleasure modes. Made from 100% skin friendly silicone, the Smart Wand combines the latest sex toy technology including Sense Motion –movement activated vibration and is of course rechargeable…so cord free. The Smart Wand is stylish and powerful as well as low noise and has a 12 month warranty.

If you are an experienced user of sex toys and know you need a lot of clitoral stimulation of powerful intensity, in order to orgasm, then any of these newest sex toys could be the perfect sex toy for you.


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