Sex Toys – a brief history

Did you know that sex toys have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years and across many cultures?

Chinese women were using Jade balls as sex toys for toning the pelvic floor muscles 2000 years ago, Native Americans made leather covered strap-on dildos as sex toys and ancient Greek made pottery phallus for the sexual pleasure of women and men.

In ancient Egypt and Greece, it was believed that a sexually deprived uterus lead to hysteria in women and the medical massage of women performed at least as early as the time of Hippocrates include the inducing orgasms in girls and women.

Sex Toys between the 1600-1800's

In the 1600and 1700’s midwives and some medical practitioners treated hysteria in a woman by inserting their fingers into her vagina and applying friction to the clitoris using oil as lubricant. The desired result was in increase in heartbeat, vaginal lubrication and vaginal contractions.

The physician applying the treatment was required to be of pure heart, with clean hands as many question the morality of these treatments.

In 1869-1872 George Taylor, an American physician developed a steam powered and vibratory apparatus for the treatment of female disorders. These were to be used under supervision to prevent overindulgence. (Ref: Good Vibrations by Joani Blank). This made the task of treating women less physically demanding for health professionals.

Vibrators were advertised in respectable women’s magazine up to the end of the 1920’s as an aid to relaxation. The modern vibrator started out it’s life as a massager for muscle aches and pains, with the first electric vibrators sold in America around 1900.

Today sex toys come in all shapes and sizes and have been designed for both men and women. While designs, appearance and features have improved dramatically, their function remains the same…to bring pleasure and orgasm to the user.

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