Why Silicone Dildos Are Perfect for Sex Toy Beginners

A dildo is the perfect choice for your first sex toy. What’s the difference between a dildo and a vibrator? A dildo is a sex toy designed for penetrative pleasure, that doesn’t vibrate. A quality dildo is made from a high grade of silicone and there is a variety of styles and sizes to choose from. Imagine having penetrative fun with a toy that is the perfect size for you! You can use a dildo for solo pleasure or play with your partner. Dildos can be used for either vaginal or anal play, by men or women of all sexualities.

D.VICE manufactures a gorgeous range of quality silicone dildos in New Zealand. Silicone is a non-porous material that is completely safe and easy to clean. It warms to the body temperature and is flexible yet firm. You can choose from a realistic dildo which looks like a penis or a smoother sculptured shape. Many people have a few different sizes and styles in their toy box so they can experiment with different sensations.

A dildo can be hand held or used as a strap-on with a harness. Your partner can pleasure you with a hand held dildo whilst giving oral stimulation at the same time. The great thing about a dildo is it stays hard for ever, so there is no pressure about when you orgasm.

The D.VICE Toa and Babe are both mid-sized smooth dildos that are great for beginners, or upsize to Queenie or Princess. In the realistic range, the Boss is a very popular option or for those who want a real challenge the Sire is extremely well endowed.

You can change the temperature of your dildo by warming in hot water or cooling in iced water. Wash your silicone dildo with warm soapy water and if you desire you can sterilise by boiling for three minutes.

A good lubricant is essential for optimum dildo pleasure. Water based lubricants are the best choice for silicone dildos, as a silicone lubricant will break down the surface of the toy. We recommend Probe Silky Light or Probe Thick Rich as both of these lubricants mimic the body’s natural lubrication.

Have fun experimenting and finding the right dildo for you! 


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