Glass Kegel Eggs


  • Glass Kegel Eggs tone heighten sexual sensation by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles of women.
  • Worn whilst moving about, the  PC muscles are stimulated to contract as the Kegel Eggs move around the vagina
  • Due to their weight, they are a constant and exciting reminder of sexual arousal and can also be included in your foreplay with a partner
  • Made from heat tempered glass, the Kegel Eggs can be warmed in hot water, or slipped into the ice bucket to intesift sensation
  • Simply was in hot soapy water, rinse and pack away for your next exercise routine
  • We recommend wearing your Kegel Eggs around home before venturing out, and use lube for ease and comfort
  • Looking for something a little lighter and easier to wear to start get your pelvic floor muscles stronger? Check out Smart Balls, a great way to correct and prevent bladder weakness in women of all ages and life stages, and great preparation for Kegel Eggs.


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