An Introduction to Sex Toys

For centuries adults have experimented to enhance sexual pleasure using manmade objects or objects from their environment. Over time differing moral attitudes have defined popular culture and more recently sexual objects have become taboo particularly in dominant and mainstream religious cultures.

Many cultural attitudes have repressed consensual sex play as a natural human activity. So it is, that the history of sex toys, used for sex play amongst humans, has been hidden from history Sex is an adult’s opportunity to play with one another. It seems only natural in our materialistic world, to utilize toys to make that sex play more fun and pleasurable. Western culture places many taboos upon sexuality often resulting in misinformation and forming negative cultural attitudes to sex toys.

A historical look at sex toys for men & women

Men have used some sort of penis strap to enhance their erection for centuries. There are records of dildos made from marble, stone, wood or hide. There is evidence of pottery dildos from ancient times. The vibrator, a popular and modern sex toy was developed in the late 19th century as a physician’s aid.

The aim of the vibrator was to induce orgasm known as ‘hysterical paroxysm’ as a treatment for the ailment ‘hysteria’.

Hysteria was an affliction, affecting women, where the symptoms are what we today would define as sexual arousal and frustration and where the treatment was to induce orgasm. The attitudes of the times resulted in women of middle and upper classes in Europe and America having little knowledge or access to sexual pleasure.

The vibrator today is seen as a symbol of sexual freedom and empowerment. The vibrator is the sex toy of choice for many couples to enhance sensation and orgasm as well as for self-pleasure.

Sex toys are no longer viewed as ‘marital aids’ to be used solely by couples who were experiencing sexual problems. Australasian women have high vibrator ownership on a global scale and this is widely viewed as acceptable and desirable.

A sex toy can be the catalyst for positive sexual change within a relationship. Sex toys can encourage communication and experimentation between sexual partners and bring both men and women a great deal of pleasure and fun. Introducing sex toys to a partner can be challenging, but having a sex toy to play with, talk about and have fun with can make talking about your own sexual desires and needs easier. Modern sex toys offer couples the opportunity to experience sex play in a fun and adventurous way, enhancing intimacy and longevity within relationships.

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