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I want to buy my man a sex toy –are masturbators really popular and do couples ever use them together?

D.VICE Sexpert Answers

Masturbators and strokers are designed to give guys mind blowing pleasure, a step up from using just their hand for solo play. Concentrated at the head of the penis is a multitude of sensitive nerve endings and a masturbator can give these focused stimulation that feels sensational.

A stroker such as the Boss and the Mood Pleaser is a stretchy sleeve with a textured internal canal to stimulate the penis. Externally a stroker often has ridges to ensure good grip during use. To use a guy applies some waterbased lube on his penis along with the stroker opening and slides it up and down to stimulate, squeezing with his hand to adjust the pressure. A stroker is discreet, non-intimidating and non-anatomically shaped which some people prefer. It can also be a great couples toy adding another dimension to your ‘hand job’ repertoire.

A Masturbator such as the PDX Elite range or the Blewit is a soft stretchy sleeve that is encased in a hard plastic cylinder. Often made from a ‘real feel material’ most masturbators have an anatomical opening either a vulva, anus or mouth, along with a textured canal. A masturbator differs from a stroker in that the hard case is gripped and the masturbator moved up and down your penis. You can also thrust into the masturbator, many guys find innovative ways to do this effectively but a popular option is for your partner to hold it between their legs or wedge between the mattress and bed base. While you don’t get the squeeze factor, a masturbator gives more of a suction type sensation like a blowjob and the tight channel feels incredible.

A stroker or masturbator is heaps of fun to play with as a couple. It adds another dimension and expands the options for stimulating your partners penis. Also there may be times when you are not feeling like engaging in penetration but still feel like being intimate –grab the masturbator and give your man mind blowing pleasure!

Both masturbators and strokers are easy to clean with warm water and a mild non-abrasive liquid soap. Rinse well and leave to air dry. For a ‘real feel’ masturbator apply a little cornflour to the sleeve both inside and outside to keep the surface in great condition.



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